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    Tony Saggu posted a new blog post in Volkswagen Golf V
    Wide-arched 2008 Volkswagen Golf 2.0GTI Mk5
    •   Cars
    •   Tuesday, 18 February 2020
    Cars built purely to satisfy the owner rather than to follow trends or conforming with the 'in crowd' are often easy to spot. Don Santora’s unique Mk5 Golf is one of those very vehicles and we just can’t get enough of it. Here's why… Words: Tony Saggu. Photos: Viktor Benyi.
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    GRANDE DESIGNS Mk5 GTI gets big wheels, big brakes and a big attitude. It’s kind of a big deal.

    SATIN YELLOW #Volkswagen-Golf-GTi / #Volkswagen-Golf-GTi-Mk5 / #Volkswagen-Golf-Mk5 / #VW-Golf-V / #Volkswagen-Golf-V / #Volkswagen-Golf-Mk5 / #VW-Golf-Mk5 / #Volkswagen / #VW / #VAG / #Volkswagen-Golf / #VW-Golf / #Volkswagen-Golf-GTi-V

    Volkswagen Mk5 Golf GTi “I wasn’t going to do much to it, honest.” How many times have we heard that one? Ricky Grande is the latest person to roll out that line in front of our cameras… Words: David Kennedy. Photos: Anna Richardson and Keith Sowden.

    “You can write Ricky’s Mk5 feature this month Dave,” said Elliott as we put the plan together for this issue, “it makes sense, you wrote his last one didn’t you?” Yeah, I did, way back in 2008 when I was only a year into my tenure with PVW.

    Back then I had no idea I’d still be doing this almost a full decade later, heck, I was surprised Elliott hadn’t seen through my nonsense at that stage and I was still getting away with it. Now, roughly nine full years since Ricky Grande and I first met and almost a decade since I started on the mag, a whole lot is changing for me on a personal level but just looking at Ricky’s ‘5 is turning into something of a trip down memory lane for me. It’s funny, back then we went on far more shoots than we do now (yay, budgets!) but I still remember Ricky’s like it was only last month. Fresh faced, definitely thinner and most likely with a really stupid haircut, I went to Ilford in my Bora (back when we could take our own cars on shoots before the accountants here stopped all that!) and met Ricky and his cousin Harm and we instantly clicked. James Lipman was the photographer on the day, a guy who is now without a doubt one of the most in-demand and popular car photographers in the world, and we had such a fun day shooting the two cars, Ricky’s Mk4 and Harm’s Passat, on the streets of Ilford in the sunshine. I’ll never forget us performing a kind of rolling road block on a random overpass to get the rolling shots Lipman wanted, me driving his old Passat and him hanging out the back tailgate like he used to. Health and safety? Yeah, we've totally got that.

    Ricky and I stayed friendly over the years, bumping in to each other at shows and reminiscing about the old days and how much fun the shoot was. He is definitely one of the scene’s nice guys, so it’s pretty cool to be able to write up the feature on this, his really rather cool Mk5 so long after we first met.

    But anyway, that’s enough of the misty-eyed introductions, let’s get down to business. “This has been the biggest build I’ve done since the Mk4 days,” Ricky remembered, “I've had a few things in between, coilovers, wheels and a map, but nothing all that interesting,” he continued. “You see, after the Mk4 I’d sworn to myself that I’d never get that stuck into a car again… famous last words, right?”

    He is right. ‘I won’t get so involved with the next car’ is up there with ‘ah, it all got out of hand’ and ‘I didn’t mean to go so far’ as the most common sentences uttered to us when we interview a feature car owner. Ricky bought the car from the classifieds (remember them? Facebook has got a lot to answer for, they were the place to find a car back in the day) for the simple reason that he hadn’t owned a fifth-gen Golf yet and simply fancied one – simple as that! “I wanted a DSG rather than a manual but the deal on this one was too good to pass up on, I just wanted a simple, fast and reliable new daily really, nothing more than that,” he explained. “I don’t think I’d even got home from picking it up before my brother Naz and some other friends started sending photos and Instagram links of sorted Mk5s to my phone,” he added laughing, “I didn’t really stand a chance, did I?”

    Things started simply enough, like they often do, a good service and going over at GNR Motors, his brother’s garage, was the first port of call. “I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to my cars that I like them to start in the best condition possible, plus doing the boring servicing stuff first saves money in the long run, there’s no point spending all that money doing a car up if it’s going to blow up from something silly later down the line,” he reasoned.

    Service book stamped, next came some coilovers and wheels, a set of Audi Speedlines, which kept our man’s modifying itch satisfied for a little while. A season of shows later, including a few trips to Europe and most notably Worthersee, was the catalyst for the next stage, as it so often is.

    We’ve often said here on PVW that Worthersee is where trends are born. We can’t quite remember which year it was now, our collective memories definitely are more fuzzy than clear cut these days, but we definitely remember when we first started seeing the first of the ‘super low, static, tucked’ cars around the lake. They wore German plates, they were almost all nu-wave cars at the time and while the UK was still loving poke and aggressive fitments, these lads were running tall, relatively narrow wheels tucked right up under widened arches on Mk5 Golfs and the like and most importantly, they were doing it without a compressor or bag in sight. It certainly made an impression on us, and it certainly made an impression on Ricky and his crew too.

    “Our heads were buzzing with ideas on the way home,” Ricky smiled, “and after a few dinners, beers and phone calls back home we had a plan set for the Mk5 to try and get that look we had all fallen in love with out there.”

    The shopping list was impressive; RS4 buckets for the interior, wide wings from SRS like the German boys were running, OZ Ultraleggeras, big brakes on the front and the all-important special super-low coilovers. “Sukh of Westside planted the seed to get the extra low coils on it and he sorted out a set of H&R Ultralow 140s which were fantastic,” he remembered.

    The colour change also came around this time. “Out in Europe we had seen so many brightly coloured cars and just loved the impact they made,” he remembered. “I wasn’t sure what colour to do the Golf but I knew it had to be lairy,” he smiled. “I then saw a Lamborghini Huracan at my friend’s place and fell in love with its bright yellow paint which settled it. It was hard to wrap my head around the car being yellow for a while but it gets noticed where ever it goes which is cool I guess,” he laughed, “you certainly can’t miss it!”

    A little while later and it was time for a change in the chassis department. No, Ricky wasn’t abandoning the static life for a set of Air Lift’s finest, it was more of a sideways move. “My good friend Jason Debono started Gepfeffert UK which is the special super-low KW coilover arm here in the UK,” Ricky explained. “The H&Rs were fantastic but I wanted to support a friend’s new business, and the KWs came with fully adjustable top mounts, trick stainless bodies and adjustable damping too which really sold it for me.” The result of the coilover change? The Golf ended up another centimetre closer to the Tarmac and the Ultraleggeras were shoved even further up in to the arch liners, resulting in a happy Ricky.

    A number of the super-low static cars in Worthersee back then had cages in, purely for the look, and it was a look our man loved. MAQ Racing provided the show cage which also got treated to a wrap of the same yellow as the car itself and the backs of the leather RS4 buckets. Of course, with a show cage and two rear brace bars in place of where the rear bench used to be, something needed doing to the boot itself so in went a false floor setup in matching carpet. Out back Ricky had already put a Gladen 10” subwoofer in a custom enclosure on one side and a pair of Gladen amps on the opposite one courtesy of another friend of his, Amarjit at BladeIce.

    “Then we decided that the rear end didn’t look wide enough so I tracked down a R32 rear bumper and bought a R32-style Milltek system from Ruben at Tuningwerkes to suit it,” Ricky explained. “That, the EVOMS intake, RS4 coilpacks and a stage one map is all it’s got under the bonnet but that’s all it really needs,” he continued. “I’d like to have K04’d it and all that for a big jump in power but being this low does compromise the drivability, of course, and living in London like I do I didn’t think it was worth the extra effort and cost.”

    Speaking of expense, the most costly part of the whole car was without a doubt the brakes. “The brakes, no question, were the hardest and most brain-frying thing we did to it,” Ricky winced, “we must have spent £6k on second hand brake kits Naz and I trying to figure out how to make what we wanted to work, work.” The fronts were simple enough, eight-pot Brembos and 370mm discs but it was the rear end were things were complicated. “We wanted to go with R8 rear brakes with the twin calipers but with larger discs, so the rears are 365mm, only 5mm smaller than the fronts,” he added. “The hard thing was because we didn’t want to run spacers it made getting the ridiculous disks and twin calipers to fit properly a real hassle but we found a way… I’m not telling you our secret though!” He added, smiling.”

    Final items on the hit list were getting the aluminum-look trim across the dash skimmed in carbon fibre, getting the wheel, gear gaitor, arm rest and handbrake trimmed in Alcantara to smarten things up and a final set of wheels, this time 8.5x20” OZ Superturismos robbed, sorry, borrowed from friend Naz.

    So what’s next for Ricky? Well, the Mk5 has already been broken and sold on, its parts living on in numerous other builds while the car itself has gone on to live another life. Ricky himself though, like I was when I was handed this feature to write, has been looking back. “I’ve bought another Mk4 Anniversary Dave,” he smiled, “well, actually we as a group have bought six of them…” Wait, what? “It’s another thing we’ve seen being done in Europe over the years, you’ll see a group of mates all with the same car but in different colours,” he explained. “We already had three Mk4 Anniversarys between us and we’ve all got Mk4s in our blood more than any other car, so we figured if we got three more we would have one each and we could do something like that, all looking kind of the same but different colours, should be cool…”

    Knowing Ricky and his group of mates, they’ll knock the idea out of the park. Get in touch when you have mate…

    “Then we decided that the rear end didn’t look wide enough, so I tracked down a R32 rear bumper and bought a R32-style MiLltek”

    while the UK was loving pokE these lads were running tall, relatively narrow wheels tucked right up under widened arches

    He is definitely one of the scene’s nice guys, so it’s cool to be able to write up the feature on his really rather cool Mk5

    Dub Details
    ENGINE: 2.0 #GTI-AXX-code , #Milltek R32-style de-cat exhaust system, #Evoms-Evolutuion intake, #Revision-D diverter, #Stage-1 map running approx 260bhp, Mk2 Audi TT engine cover, Iridium plugs, RS4 coil packs

    CHASSIS: 8.5x20” #OZ / #OZ-Superturismos LM wheels with 225/30 ZR20 tyres all round, #Gepfeffert-KW-Ultralow 120mm V2 coilovers, chassis notched front, eight-pot #Brembo front calipers with 370mm discs, rears R8 rear brake conversion with double calipers

    EXTERIOR: Wrapped in Satin yellow, SRS wide wings, R32 front Xenons headlights, rear R32 tail lights with upgraded LEDS, Mk6 rear badge, front US-spec front GTI grille, ‘open air’ front vent grilles, R32 rear bumper, rear wiper deleted, boot button popper

    INTERIOR: RS4 front sears with backs wrapped in yellow, MAQ Racing show/roll cage, Gladen 10” sub in custom enclosure, Gladen speaker amp and sub amp enclosure, false floor, carbon fibre dash trims, steering paddles and ashtray, Alcantara steering wheel, arm rest, handbrake lever and MK7 Golf gear knob, Highline instrument cluster and Polar Fiscon, Kenwood DNX521dab headunit, MK6 switches, Candy red hazard button

    SHOUT: Massive thanks to my brother Naz and the rest of the team at GNR Motors, without these guys it wouldn’t have happened and I’d probably have a lot more money in the bank. My Dad and family at Grande Auto Spares for all the support and abuse along the way, Dan and Shaun at Dubcustoms for the wrap, Jason for the Gepfeffert Suspension, Ruben at TuningWerkes for endless hours of support and parts, Amarjit at BladeIce for all the Audio, Mario at MAQ Racing for the cage and brakes support, Sunny at SS Autobody for always being up for a challenge, Edge Automotive, Raz at RetroRaz for all the retro fits, Jay at Splash & Vac for keeping the car clean, Umer at Trade4less tyres, Yusuf at ECP, Ted at TPS, Manny, Leroy, Ash, Slim, Avi B, Anna, Keith, Jamie Tall, Jamie Kebab, Danny Allen, Sukh, Raks, Ranvir, Jas, Harvey, Pandy, Sal, Vick S, Hiten, Gary S, RayARD, KamIce, Fet for the bottomless cups of tea, Vick N at Lowpro, Si at StillStatic, our Belgium crew, Gurj, Dalvir and Jaspal and last but not least all the lads at work
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    Somehow it seems Hideo Hirooka has had his fingers in play on all Volkswagen from the far East. The one or other will now think...Hideo Hirooka? Never heard of him. But when you mention his company, Voomeran' it will most likely click. With Voomeran he made himself a name outside of the Asian continent, where he is one of a few Japanese that don't go over the top wide with their kits but much rather discreetly pulling out the original lines. Just like his Mk5 R32 Golf, where all parts come from his shelves, housing the 9,5" wide Rotiforms under the widened wheel arches.

    / #2006 / #VW-Golf-V / #Volkswagen-Golf-V / #Volkswagen-Golf-Mk5 / #VW-Golf-Mk5 / #Volkswagen / #VW / #VAG / #Volkswagen-Golf / #VW-Golf / #Volkswagen-Golf-Mk5 / #Voomeran / #Rotiform MUC 18X9.5 ET15 / Pirelli P-Zero 215/35-18 / #AirLift / #Volkswagen-Golf-R32-Mk5 / #Volkswagen-Golf-R32 / #Volkswagen-Golf-R32-V / #Volkswagen-Golf-R32-Voomeran / #Volkswagen-Golf-Voomeran / #Volkswagen-Golf-R32-Voomeran-V / #Volkswagen-Golf-R32-Voomeran-Mk5 / #Volkswagen-Golf-Voomeran-V

    Parts like this can be found for the Mk2 up to the current Mk7 in his shop and recently the Audi B8 series was added. With such a „German" portfolio, it's time to show more presence in the motherland, which gives us a nice project for the autumn months.
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    FINE AND CANDY / #VW-Golf-V / #Volkswagen-Golf-V / #Volkswagen-Golf-Mk5 / #VW-Golf-Mk5 / #Volkswagen / #VW / #VAG / #Volkswagen-Golf / #VW-Golf

    Craig Levens has always liked colourful cars, but his latest Candy creation is probably the most talked-about to date. Words: Tony Saggu. Photos: John Colley.

    “It’s the colour,” explained Craig Levens while carefully massaging the microfibre over his candy-coated creation. “People love the colour, I get asked over and over what colour it is.” The 30- something Cumbrian custom car connoisseur is used to fielding colour queries; this one-off GTI is not his first attempt at a hot hue on a mad motor: “I had a bright orange Subaru STI before this,” he told us. “I was deep into the Scooby scene back then and the car had every modification available on it, as well as a lot of custom stuff.” Craig was obviously munching on the Scooby snacks pretty hard; the 450bhp flat-four 4x4 cost a rumoured £100,000 in parts and labour. Strong money indeed, but Craig did get a lot of Subi silverware and legend status among Fast Car types, bagging ‘Best in Britain’ in 2009 didn’t hurt either.

    While what he’s trying to express may have changed, Craig’s got the hang of using colour to make a statement, but fast and loud have given way to cool and classy. “The car has undergone a couple of makeovers to get it to where it is now, but playing with colour has really changed its character all through the project,” he said. Craig admits the GTI was nice enough straight out-of-the-box, aside from a little rims-andsprings action he was content to leave it factory fresh. “My friend had one,” recalled Craig. “It was awesome to drive, from the first minute I drove one I knew I had to own one.”

    Anyone who’s been on the hunt for a Mk5 will know the perils involved; there’s no shortage of cars, but small cars that go fast get trashed and/or pranged with inevitable predictability. A good few weeks of intense searching eventually unearthed what looked like ‘the one’. “I found it on Pistonheads, a black ’54-plate Mk5 GTI, reasonably priced, low mileage and in great condition,” Craig recalled. “I had to move fast; I saw the ad at eight in the morning and drove three hours that day to pick it up.” The mildly modded fifth generation Golf was perfect for what Craig had in mind: Eibach springs, #BBS CH reps and a gentle tinkering with the ECU was the sum of the aftermarket antics. “I was planning to add some stereo upgrades and just a few bits and bobs really, that was it,” he told us.

    Given his history with the STI and the fact that the car was delivered straight to Plush Automotive in Leicester on the day of purchase, no one was fooled. “The car was bagged within the first month,” he laughed. “Luke at Plush pulled out all the stops to get it done. Plush is always busy and you have to book months in advance. I wasn’t expecting to have the car even touched for ages!” Craig had barely got his name on the logbook in November 2009, and by the time fat man was sliding down the chimney that year plans were already underway to have the car at Ultimate Dubs early in 2010.

    Show car status was going to call for more than merely bags and BBS. So, with a makeover needed and time at a premium, a plan was hatched to go all-out on the interior. “I wanted to do something completely different that would really make the car stand out,” Craig explained.

    A headliner to carpet bright aqua retrim contrasting against the factory black paint certainly did the job! “I added a lot of accents before the show like a Lambo Gallardo steering wheel and some Euro touches to the exterior; the whole package looked good.”

    After Ultimate Dubs, Craig finally got to take the car out of Plush and back home to Cumbria… briefly. “Unfortunately that’s been the story ever since I’ve owned the car,” lamented Craig, “with family commitments, I’m unable to attend all the shows or take the car to places to have it worked on as I live about a four-hour drive away from most of the shows and shops.

    Just recently for example I decided to lend my good friend, and owner of The Install Company, Phil the car so he could take it to as many shows as he wanted, which would enable him to showcase his insane skills and promote his new business. We do meet up at shows from time to time so I can have a look at my own car, which is quite a surreal feeling!” Craig admits the months that followed saw him slowly edge towards the slippery slope of another total makeover for the car. “Things started to get a little out of hand in 2011,” he laughed. “I’d promised myself I wouldn’t get as involved in another project as time-consuming or expensive as the Subaru, but, well, you know…”

    Towards the end of 2011, Craig turned his attention to the engine; a light upgrade was to be the order of the day, he’d already done the whole fire-breathing monster motor thing with the Subi, so mild tuning would do just fine on the Mk5. Aside from the obvious cosmetic work on and around the mill, a lot of it courtesy of Forge, the 2.0-litre turbo has received a Revo Stage 2+ and HPFP (High Pressure Fuel Pump) upgrade.

    Craig reckons the PDT Tuning massaged motor now makes a little over 265 ponies with a healthy 290lb ft of torque. “I originally felt that I should have gone with the Edition 30 Golf, with the KO4 turbo as standard, but Dave at PDT unlocked so much power and drivability from the GTI engine, it’s now a total blast to drive.”

    The following year saw the car largely undercover. Major mods were afoot and 12 months out of the limelight would barely get the work done. “Over the last few years Ultimate Dubs has kinda become the show that we work to as a deadline,” he told us. “Pretty much all the major mods have been unveiled there.”

    Early 2013 would be crunch time and showgoers were in for a big surprise. If there is an exterior finish that can blend stunning, while subtle and crazy, with classic, it’s the scrupulous solvent-based automotive nectar that is Candy paint, and Craig had acquired gallons of the stuff: “I wanted something different,” he explained. “I always loved House of Kolor paints and felt that this car needed something to make it stand out from the crowd. I wanted a classy colour that would never age.

    “I looked at doing a colour that would go with my aqua interior at first but I found nothing that blew me away. Eventually I decided to sell the interior and the possibilities were endless after that. I always liked Candy red but this is quite a popular colour and a little boring if I’m honest, so I looked for different shades of the red, from dark through to light. That’s when I came across the Brandywine; as soon as I saw it I was hooked. Because the original colour of the car was black it made sense to go with the black base coat to give the finished job a rich deep look; the desired finish we wanted was a beautiful Hennessy bottle red.”

    Candy is notoriously tricky stuff to work with, even seasoned painters fear it. The trouble is that true Candy isn’t really paint at all, it’s a translucent tint; a thin almost see-through coating that is as unforgiving to work with as the average traffic warden. The stuff has to be applied with robotic precision, anything but a perfect, even coat and you’ve left the door open to blotches, dark spots and stripes in the finish.

    “It took about nine months to paint the car,” Craig said. “Tim at True Paintworks in Leicester did all the work. It took three months just to get the paint. Then it wasn’t just the paint; Tim was faced with doing all the other bodywork mods as well.” Craig told us he was more than a little eager to see what the custom Candy would look like on the car, but didn’t put the paintshop on the clock: “I told him I didn’t have a deadline for the job, just to take as long as it took to get it perfect. He took his time and did a fantastic job. He had the odd issue here and there but nothing he couldn’t sort out. His skill is extraordinary, I mean just look at the car… it looks like it’s covered in Cognac.”

    Tying the entire Candy brandy bad boy exterior makeover together are a set of seldomseen RSV Forged three-piece split-rim wheels. “I chose them simply because I wanted something completely different, and I have yet to see another set of these in the UK,” explained Craig. “I went with the finish as it matches the Satin grey detail on the exterior of the car, tying it in perfectly. AirLift Performance struts with camber adjust, AccuAir management and Bilstein rear shocks assist with altitude adjustment: “The chassis is notched and lots of custom work was carried out by The Install Company to make the whole setup work,” explained Craig, “including a full stainless steel hardline install. Mine is one of only two cars in the UK to have been done the same way.”

    Craig’s lowriding Hennessy hot hatch is more than just pretty paint job, though. Aside from a myriad of understated mods blended into the bodywork under the Brandywine, the creative custom work continues into the cabin. “Initially I threw a stockish black interior in the car after the aqua trim was sold, although that was a stop-gap measure,” recalled Craig. “I wanted a retrim that would work with the candy colour to form an overall character for the car. The old aqua black contrast was bold and didn’t take too many prisoners. The new interior blends better as it complements the exterior and brings out the class.”

    McLaren MP4-12C front seats are the centrepiece of the interior: “They were owned by a friend who I pestered until he gave in and sold them to me,” Craig explained. “I knew they would be a great addition to the Mk5 interior and make it more unique.” Steve at Edge Automotive in Rugby stitched up the black and Merlot masterpiece swathed in yards of finest Alcantara, and carbon detailing is peppered throughout as the Mk6 and 7 Series VW extras. “We ordered a US Spec driver’s doorcard to replicate the UK doorcard on passenger side,” revealed Craig. “It’s a small detail, but that’s what the project is all about; I wanted to concentrate on attention to detail everywhere.” The Hennessy air freshener certainly didn’t go unnoticed…

    Dub Details

    ENGINE: 2.0-litre turbo, S3 Intercooler, #Forge-Motorsport Twintercooler with black silicone hoses, Forge Motorsport polished oil cap, water cap, washer cap, polished atmospheric DV Valve, ITG intake painted satin grey, Autotech Uprated fuel pump internals, R8 coil packs, Stage 2+ Revo mapping, Eurojet Turbo back exhaust, Fuse box cover painted Satin grey, battery cover painted Satin grey, Forge Motorsport front-to-back shortshift, Forge Motorsport side-by-side short-shift.

    CHASSIS: RSV: S|1 series 19” RSF1 three-piece forge wheels, centres painted matte gunmetal, lips and barrel painted gloss gunmetal, hidden hardware, 215/35/19 and 225/35/19 Nankang NS2 tyres, M14-M12 stud conversion kit, D12 gunmetal wheel nuts, #AirLift front/rear performance struts, Bilstein rear shocks, Whiteline anti-lift kit, Powerflex wishbone mounts, #Powerflex control arm bushes, H&R 24mm front anti-roll bar, H&R 28mm rear anti-roll bar, BSH rear drop links, #AccuAir ‘E’ Level, 2x380cc #Viair compressors, 2x three Gallonpolished seamless air tanks, chassis ‘notched’, strut towers cut to allow camber adjustment on the font, Forge Motorsport front: 356mm, six-pot BBK, Forge Motorsport rear: 330mm, four-pot #BBK (includes separate handbrake caliper), calipers and disc bells painted in HOK Brandy wine with Charcoal ‘Forge’ decals.

    EXTERIOR: Full respray in House of Kolor Brandywine Candy, OEM Mk5 R32 Xenon headlights (split and painted Satin grey with Brandywine Mk7 GTI-style stripe), USA spec front bumper, smoked USA side-markers, Votex lip smoothed into front bumper, smoothed underside of bonnet frame, Mk6 Golf R mirrors grafted into Mk5 baseplates, Mk1 Audi TT filler cap grafted in, Edition 30 rear bumper smoothed together and edges faded away, front wings widened 10mm, rear arches pulled 5mm, R32 rear lights. Mk6 rear boot handle; centre of handle; centre of Votex lip; centre of rear bumper; smoothed GTI front grill; open fog grills; wiper arms; rear scuttle panel; and smoothed front slam panel all in Satin grey.

    INTERIOR: Wine/charcoal Alcantara trim (every panel), wine/charcoal Alcantara mats, carbon fibre and charcoal Alcantara Mk7 GTI MFSW, carbon fibre dash strips, door strips, fire extinguisher, centre console inserts, McLaren MP4-12C front seats trimmed with original stitch pattern, Mk6 GTI roof liner and visors, Mk6 GTD rear seats trimmed to match the McLaren stitch pattern, Alcantara MK6 GTI gear knob, US-spec driver’s doorcard to replicate UK doorcard on passenger side, chrome tipped switches throughout, Cherry red hazard warning switch, Custom #AccuAir controller in centre console, Hennessy air freshener, #Dynavin N6 OEM-style head unit, Audison Voce Amp x 2, Audison Voce Component speakers, JL rear speakers, Audison 10” Voce subwoofer, #Audison Bit 10D processor, Bit 10D controller custommounted in roof, custom stainless steel, floating polish tank, hardline install, white LED lighting throughout interior/boot install.

    SHOUT: Chloe for putting up with me, Phil at The Install Company: this car wouldn’t have been finished without him. Russ Whitefield and Mark Gurney for all their help, Steve at Edge Automotive for the epic trim. Dale at Meguiar’s UK for looking after the paintwork and keeping it fresh, Paul at C6 Carbon, Tim at True Paintworks, Kris at Forge Motorsport for all my Forge Parts and RSV Forged for my wheels.

    The staggered 19” RSV: SI1 series RSF1 forge wheels may be a bit of a mouthful, but the fit, finish and uniqueness is what steals the show for us!

    It’s hard to believe Craig’s previous ride was a bright orange Subaru Impreza. Something’s obviously changed in his mindset, not entirely sure what, but we’re extremely pleased for him and us!
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    Volkswagen Golf V

    Volkswagen Golf V 2003-2008
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