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  • LARGE SEDAN FROM FAMILY OF €3,500 #Renault Frégate
    Made 1951-1960 / #1954 #Renault-Fregate

    What line, what elegance! But the image of the ship of the road was tarnished by the bad reputation of a precarious reliability and a powerful engine too little. Now is the time to rehabilitate this large sedan and improve its image.

    I thought encounter some difficulties to find such a car, rare on the roads. And yet here I am dealing with a club for the less dynamic, the club Frigate France ( Remanufacturing of spare parts, miniatures, regular outings, active forum, I even the choice of model. Before attacking the top of the basket and Transfluide, equipped with an automatic transmission and a big engine, I prefer to introduce me to the world of Frigate starting with the entry level. A Business version, with the first 2-liter engine, renowned little frisky. Appointment is taken in Seine-et-Marne, close to home, to meet the beautiful and its owner.

    First impression: "My God, it's huge!" The template of Frégate is impressive, and the place easily at the top of the ladder of Renault sedans of the era. Still, this version is a bit stripped (under chrome, a bench in one piece at the front). Whatever, I feel immediately at ease at the wheel. The interior is comfortable, spacious, light, I am ready to cut the road. I would have liked to bring me more of the steering wheel a bit compared to my short legs, but it would take out the tools. I'll play in deckchair mode.

    Navigating father cushy The engine easily snorts. I jumped and quickly realize that it is imperative few laps to initiate a maneuver. The turning radius is very short (5 meters), but management and the steering wheel shows heavy, almost impossible to turn off. Once past those first sweat, everything is in order. The transmission is handled with ease, although each pass of the fourth makes me change the radio station.

    But by manipulating the lever fingertips, no more hitches. When accelerating, the engine is sufficiently willful and even offers some recovery in 2nd and 3rd reports. However, in circulation today, the accelerator has two positons: loose or background! And while the 4-cylinder is slowing a bit on the last report, the meter needle easily reached 100 km / h on country road, without my noticing. A treat for the ride in two as six. For safe side, there is little chance that you will run out of space.

    Marre ducks so underpowered Frigate? No. At least not for the use that may make collection even on motorways. And remember that in his day, the Citroën 2CV, which were called for foul and sluggish, was only 9 bhp, 12 bhp thereafter. As for the DS19, the great rival of the frigate, she was ahead of only ten ponies. Question reliability even felt. Not a failure, not a false note of the day. The engine runs like clockwork. The 6-volt electrical circuit does not deliver strong light or a competition wiping speed, but it works. To overcome a possible failure of the wipers, a handle is hidden in the glove box ... I was curious about this car, expecting to be disappointed, so I had heard on bad terms. I was fascinated by this test.

    I crack 'Tet' BEN ...

    It would not take much to persuade me (a shed for storage maybe ...). I was pleasantly surprised by the maneuverability, comfort and even the engine. Yes! La Frégate is a perfect car for the ride with wife and children, at a rate of senator. I can not wait to try a Transfluide equipped Etendard engine.

    12/20 of future investment
    Daily 13/20
    Availability of parts 10/20

    At the rear, the large seat offers space and comfort. Comfortable traveling and it even has room for legs.

    The engine of the first frigate is a 2-liter 4-cylinder in-line and 3 levels. It is cast, but the cylinder head made of aluminum. The side camshaft is driven by gears.

    The trunk has good con u tenancy. It also benefits from a large opening, a low threshold and a perfectly flat floor.
    We love the imposing stature, comfort seats, on-board space.

    "We do not like the difficult adjustment of the front seat, the electric circuit 6 V."


    The car is not very expensive, even in good condition. The rooms, however, are rare and often expensive. While it is generally better to buy a car in good condition, it becomes imperative for a frigate.

    COAST TO restore Revise Ready to roll
    Frigate (1951-1960) € 1,200 € 3,500 € 5,000
    To renovate: impossible to take the road without major preparatory work.
    Revise: small possible paths, but required rehabilitation.
    Ready to roll: the car is capable of traveling 1,000 km without concern

    INSURANCE Normal Old
    In the third € 191 € 39
    All risks (including fire and theft) € 277 € 81
    Profile: 45 year old man living in Orleans, a 50% bonus.
    Filters (air, fuel
    and oil) and 4 candles € 95
    Belt Accessory € 11
    + Trim cylinders
    AV wheel € 450
    + Trim cylinders
    AV wheel € 177
    Shock AV / AR € 460
    Exhaust Muffler € 120
    Distribution Kit Sprockets
    Clutch Kit € 478
    Headlight € 135
    Taillight € 75
    Tyres (x 2) 400 €
    * Average prices recorded on, and

    Owner: Claude No pot a chance I always had a weakness for Renault. Child, I watched the Dauphine and 4 CV off the delivery truck, at the opposite dealer. In the early 2000s, I decide. I had a view of the Dauphine of a friend. Too late for me, it is sold before I could unsheathe. I flaps with pleasure on this Frégate in 2004, property of the same boyfriend. And since then it rolls ... Lots!

    If in his time the Fregate was criticized you for lacking punch, this defect happens today unnoticed. And given the comfort on board, the authorized limit for estary road quickly reached.

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    Detached pieces

    The gearshift is nice except for the passage of the fourth, where the hand touches the car radio. In the glove box lies a crank for operating the wipers, in case of failure.


    ENGINE 4 cylinder Inline, 8S
    Displacement 1996 cm3
    Fiscal power 11 CV
    Maximum power 65hp SAE 4000rpm
    Torque 131 Nm at 2600rpm-2800rpm
    Food Carbu simple body
    Transmission In the rear wheels, box 4 live.
    Brakes front / rear - Drums / Drums
    Tyres 165 x 400
    Dimensions L x W x H 4.73 x 1.73 x 1.56 m
    Weight 1 150 kg
    Maximum speed 135 km / h
    1000 m Acceleration NC D.A.
    Cons. average of 10 l / 100 km
    Tank 60-litres

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