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  •   James Nicholls reacted to this post about 7 months ago
    Mercedes-Benz C107 SLC springs from the shadows / #Mercedes-Benz-C107 / #Mercedes-Benz-SLC / #Mercedes-Benz

    Maybe the sun is finally shining on the ’71 to ‘81 C107 Merc SLC. Left languishing in the gloom for decades by the more fashionable R107 SL, low-mileage examples of the tin-top coupé are now rising significantly. Perhaps the Dutch seller with a 35,000km 450 SLC is being a little optimistic at £70k but canny dealers like Howard Wise clearly see the growing potential too. He’s pitching a mint 18k-mile 450 at £50k. Rarer than the SL (the DVLA lists only 257 examples on the road) and often in much better nick, the SLC is starting to radiate a chic Seventies glow with trendy velour interiors and colours like Icon Gold and Thistle Green.

    While the lines aren’t as well proportioned as the convertible, those 14 extra inches of wheelbase make it a full four-seater and it actually drives better than the SL, plus the V8s are good for 120mph.

    In July Silverstone Auctions dispatched a lovely 17k mile 380 SLC for £17,780, which may be the last of the really cheap low-milers. Edward Hall in Buckinghamshire has a ’78 380 in Icon Gold with 79k, long history and £7k of recent bills for £25,950 while a private man in Solihull has a ’77 450 in Astral Silver with blue hide, three owners, FMBSH and 78k for only £17,250.

    These wide price variations between private and trade sellers won’t continue for long – and to show how prices have moved recently, back in 2014 Silverstone knocked down an ’81 380 SLC with just 20k and broad history for a bargain £9450.

    VALUE 2012 £7.5k
    VALUE NOW £11k
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  •   Richard Truesdell reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    Giant road test #BMW-635CSi-E24 vs. #Mercedes-Benz-380SLC-C107 / #Mercedes-Benz-380SLC / #Mercedes-Benz / #BMW-635CSi / #BMW-E24 / #BMW / #Mercedes-Benz-C107 / #Mercedes-C107 /

    The two luxury coupes from #BMW AG and #Mercedes-Benz are not only impressive with shapely elegance. As expensive top models they combine luxury with performance. On the Boulevard of longing drive them way ahead.

    What a nice car, I muse, while the BMW 635 CSi E24 slowly moving in its me. I sit in the Mercedes 380 SLC, its contemporary counterpart, both with exactly 218 hp. Both once with a price of just under 60 000 marks as expensive. The six is a six-cylinder, which follows the SLC Daimler privilege and provides an eight-cylinder, whose supple sovereignty is supported by a four-speed automatic.

    I look through the wide, but low Mercedes-windscreen on the shark-like face of BMW. The typical brand dual headlights act not aggressive, but determined the distinctive kidney is modeled perfectly in the center. It is stamped from the plate, and not merely a cheap panel as detailed in the later sevens.

    The beautiful BMW turns a wide circle arc in the courtyard of fairgrounds in order to place next to my Mercedes. Here I see clearly its elegant profile. I notice the low waistline with the large side windows as well as the bold wheel cutouts on.

    The slightly short wheelbase, otherwise like criticizes the six acts from my perspective hardly disturbing. True beauty, I think, always has something to do with sexy imperfection. Deep relaxed I sit in the Mercedes on a wide blue leather chair, have before me the large star-wheel with the strange cattle engraved around the rim.

    Even a mundane SL or SLC is here the common 200D is, there is not a privilege of athleticism - but the tachometer.

    Sound and form in harmony

    The frameless side window of the silver blue SLC is half open. So I hear the sonorous sound of the BMW unobtrusive, gently modulated by only one shift. His driver rotates, probably inspired as well, cocky a few circles too much. It is the perfect accompaniment to the attractive form, this unheard cultured shakes the whole force of its 304 Newton meters casually from the front pipe.

    The interior of the Mercedes animated indeed to such contemplative viewing of sound and style. Dignified burled walnut, blue, light patinated leather with intense odor and familiarity that radiates all, also just been criticized steering wheel calm. The SLC is as an Abraham-lap, which makes you forget a lot of kilometers, but also defeated an accelerated procedure. From the rugged beauty of the SLC I've always been convinced even with car connoisseurs with a strong sense of aesthetics I had to justify it often.

    When SLC running length compared to squat SL Roadster something of beautiful, and the proportions jubilant 36-centimeter longer wheelbase.

    Even the louver windows, derided by others as a styling gimmick, I find downright erotic and consistently. For lamellae, if you will, can also be found in the rear lights, the radiator grille and in the basement of the profile again. The almost dome-shaped rear window of the Mercedes also is one of the specific details of this extravagant form that created chief stylist Friedrich Geiger. Paul Bracq, in earlier years of Mercedes-services nor father of pagoda, Stroke Eight and tailfin Coupé, drew the six, who despite their beauty offers less formal extravagance, but polyphonic harmony as the SLC.

    The irrationality of the V8

    The photo tours on the open fairgrounds be completed with restrained dynamics, no tire squeal, no kickdown. The automatic wins just once in third gear, their shifts are barely noticeable, speeds above 2500rpm hardly be achieved on the smooth asphalt Fair. My SLC obeys precise, accelerating gently, but firmly, steers easily with a little game about the central position, also comes very familiar and Daimler-typical. Acoustically it pleased me even more than the BMW, the casual-cool flap-flap-flap of the rather low volume aluminum eight-cylinder makes a nice accompaniment to quite emotional feeling of the heavy car. Got serious about only later, on the highway.

    Only then I will give him the spores to use his time in proverbial tests revving to rapid acceleration. I want to hear when the soaked Flap-flap-flap a hoarse staccato, and sense when the shifts are tougher. No one believes that under the beautiful bodywork of the SLC, the Stroke Eight chassis infected. It has with its rugged wishbones front and semi-trailing arms rear reserves without end. Although he was raised to brave understeer, could beat him at long-distance rallies like the Bandama transverse drifting on gravel roads.

    Finally switch to the long-awaited BMW six that will catch me again, by neutralizing my SLC euphoria slowly. I even had an E24, a mild 628 CSi of the first series, of course, with ZF three-speed automatic (ZF3HP 22). Our 635 CSi comes the second series, uses a platform already more mature in quality and driving dynamics fives E28 instead of playful E12 with its pronounced tendency to oversteer. I sit much higher in BMW, the ambience is dominated despite leather of cool functionality. The steering wheel is exaggerating it so, it seems strange mannered.

    For sheer driving pleasure
    But I feel nevertheless probably already with its dominant driving position affects the 635 CSi gripping. The large bulbous, super-elastic six-cylinder, which you can also drive in third gear, pawing already just above the idling speed with the powerful hooves. He wants to show what it can do, and with him the whole six-ser.

    Sometimes I look instinctively to first gear left behind, but the Getrag five-speed gearbox a protected and no sports transmission. The handling of the nimble BMW is clearly better than that of almost ponderous Mercedes - he looks much more alive, the shorter wheelbase provides advantages in agility, the steering is direct and the car feels much total curve willing to.

    The switching cars irritates course much more for turning the gears, subjectively created when 635 CSi the impression significantly more overwhelming temperament. The running gear, MacPherson struts in front and oblique handlebar rear, bought streets not position by hardness. Again, the six remains exemplary harmony. He is a sports car, but not an ascetic, the feeling of space front came luxuriant, the build quality is solid.

    Nevertheless, it remains a typical BMW, as the SLC is a typical Mercedes, with more opulence in the cylinders and in space, rather than command Lounge Chair armchair. At the end of the SLC wins the duel just because he is the better GranTurismo, and because I'd rather go with him from Hamburg to Milan.

    I almost forgot what is for a racy car of sixes. The back - torrential form, the high driving dynamics, the exciting motor. At 635 CSi of Sport weighs - dare in Gran Turismo. When formally equally enchanting SLC is reversed. Despite the actual superiority of the BMW my heart beats for the V8.

    The 635 CSi is a luxurious sports car and the 380 SLC a sporty coupe. Motor Klassik editor Alf Cremers.

    Mercedes-Benz 380 SLC, C107 ( #1981 ) FACTS & FIGURES

    ENGINE Type #M116 / #Mercedes-Benz-M116 , water-cooled eight-cylinder V-engine (cylinder angle 90 degrees) Bore x stroke 92 x 71.8 mm, displacement 3818 cm3, output 218 hp at 5500rpm, max. Torque 299 Nm at 4000 rpm, compression 9.0: 1, five crankshaft bearings, cylinder heads and block made of light metal, Reynolds 390, cylinder surfaces with silicon grain, per cylinder bank an overhead camshaft, driven by duplex chain, arranged in parallel valves via cam followers operated mechanical injection Bosch K-Jetronic, transistorized ignition, oil content 7.5 liters engine

    TRANSMISSION DB-automatic, four-speed planetary gearbox with hydraulic torque converter, rear-wheel drive

    BODY AND CHASSIS Self-supporting steel body, front double wishbone, coil springs, stabilizer to crossmember, rear oblique beam axle, springs screws, stabilizer, front and rear auxiliary rubber springs, servo recirculating ball steering, disc brakes, a. W. ABS, wheels 6.5 J x 14, tires 205/70 VR 14

    WEIGHT Wheelbase 2820 mm, length x width x height 4750 x 1790 x 1330 mm, weight 1650 kg, fuel tank capacity 90 l

    PERFORMANCE AND CONSUMPTION Vmax 215 kmh, 0-100 km h 9.5 s, consumption 14.5 liters / 100 km

    CONSTRUCTION AND NUMBER All C107 1971-1981: 62,888 copies, 380 SLC 1980-1981: 3789 Pieces

    1 length runs, the slender silhouette of SLC also benefits from lush wheelbase. 2 Melodious 3.8-liter V8 from light metal in the early version with 218 instead of 204 hp. 3 The SLC is a true four seats, not scarcer 2 + 2, part in blue leather. 4 A beautiful face, chrome instead of aerodynamics, headlamp washers as a fine extra. 5 The 107er has pioneered the new star designs with. the typical profile luminaires. 6 air, leather, burr walnut, the SLC-feel-good interior.

    Mercedes-Benz 280-500 SLC
    The SLC is a relic of time before the rust prevention was improved when 107er. The complex technology is not to be underestimated.

    Before buying you should definitely pay attention to bubbles in the paint which are manifested mainly on the headlights, in the lateral games, in the rear wheel arches and the area of the rear side portions of the rear window. Here a duck to swan is often painted with a new selling paint - that goes for Roadster and Coupe. Rust problems manifest themselves when 107er also the boot floor, on the A-pillar, the side sills, at the jacking points and at the tips, where they flow into the wheel arches.

    Recommendable are the eight-cylinder with cast iron block, not only because they provide with good care extremely high performance, but also because of its wonderful bass-heavy sound. The problem child mimes the DOHC six-cylinder M110 whose elaborate cylinder head must be overhauled frequently at 200 000 kilometers. For such an overhaul one will go after all the 4000 Euro. A typical problem is the excessive play in the steering, it is a full-proposed steering gear fault. After long periods the fuel injection (D or K-Jetronic) can cause problems.

    When introducing 1980 (Mercedes-Benz 380 SLC) ..................... 57 700 Mark
    Classic Analytics Award 2016 (State 2/4) ..................... 19 500/3500 €

    From Mercedes-Benz is a healthy supply of spare parts. Although the prices are not low, but apart from equipment parts rare variants you get just about anything. Rare Spares there may be the 107er-Club (

    Mercedes-Benz R / C 107 SL Club Germany e. V., Krieger 40, 42115 Wuppertal, Tel. 02/695 02 44 66,
    SLS GmbH, spare parts for older Mercedes-Benz models, Industriestrasse 2-4, 22885 Barsbüttel, Tel. 040/656 93 90,
    Mercedes-Benz Classic Center, Stuttgarter Straße 90, 70736 Fellbach, Tel. 07 11/173 00 00,

    Fender bow and floor plates
    2 wheel arches and end points
    3 jacking
    4 A-pillar and sill
    5 boot floor
    6 windshield frame
    7 K-Jetronic
    8 timing chain (380, 500 SLC)
    9 Transmission Automatic
    10 Steering Gear

    Spare location
    Maintenance costs

    BMW 635 CSi, E24 ( #1984 ) FACTS & FIGURES
    ENGINE Type #M30 / #BMW-M30 / #M30B34 , water-cooled six-cylinder in-line engine, bore x stroke 92 x 86 mm, displacement 3430 cm3, output 218 hp at 5200 rpm, max. Torque 304 Nm at 4000rpm DIN, compression 10.0: Operated 1, cast iron block, cylinder head made of light metal, seven crankshaft bearings, a overhead camshaft, driven by duplex chain, two v-shaped arranged valves per cylinder, of rocker arms , Three ball whirlpools-combustion chamber, electronic fuel injection #Bosch-Motronic , map-controlled ignition, oil content engine 5.75 liters

    TRANSMISSION five-speed manual transmission, a. W. with sporting character, ZF four-speed automatic transmission #ZF4HP with torque converter, rear-wheel drive

    Self-supporting all-steel body, front MacPherson struts, lower wishbones, stabilizer, rear trailing arm, spring struts, coil springs, stabilizer, ZF recirculating ball power-power steering, disc brakes front and rear, wheels 6.5 J x 14 (aluminum), tires 205/70 VR 14 or 202/55 VR 390 TRX on specific TR-aluminum wheels

    WEIGHT Wheelbase 2626 mm, length x width x height 4755 x 1725 x 1365 mm, weight 1475 kg, fuel tank capacity 70 l

    PERFORMANCE AND CONSUMPTION Vmax 225 km / h, 0-100 km / h 8.0 s, consumption 15 l / 100 km

    CONSTRUCTION AND NUMBER E24 all models: 86 224 copies, 635 CSi: 45,213 copies

    1 Typical BMW: factual cockpit of clear, edged rigor, driver-oriented

    2 Leather in pearl beige blends well with lacquer in graphite metallic, no sport seats

    3 The great Bracq design has only one drawback: The wheelbase is 2.63 m too short

    4 Unfortunately something installed. Under throttle bodies and ECU lives the M30 six-cylinder

    5 The impressive front end with an evil eye the chocolate load side of the six

    6 Check Control in Italian: Is the oil level?

    BMW 630 CS and 635 CSi Early sixes are very susceptible to rust. The second series from 1982 are located not so much love for detail, but is much better in quality and rust prevention.

    Especially from the early models up to 8/1977, which were built entirely by Karmann, had only a few receive. Rust is found mainly on the fenders, the floor plates in the engine compartment and the front spring strut domes. To inspect the rear wheel arches and the spring dome, the trunk liner is removed. Besides - the help to look at the moldings and bumpers, because here replacement is expensive. From little things like fatigued gas pressure regulators of the bonnet, defective motors for window regulators and sunroofs or frayed leather seats and the six will not be spared.

    The six-cylinder M30 is practically just go on forever - if one starts with regular maintenance and the engine is not cold chasing what provokes cracks in the cylinder head. Pay attention to rattling noises, because that might indicate broken-camshaft, rocker defective or worn rocker arms. Bearing failures are very rare, since the crank mechanism is designed such that it without grumbling turbocharging or the high-performance four-valve head from the M1 and M 635 CSi endures. Are they well treated, then keep the Getrag manual transmission and the ZF automatic transmission as long as the motor.

    When introducing 1982 (BMW 635 CSi, 2nd series) ........................ 56 750 Mark
    Classic Analytics Award 2016 (State 2/4) ..................... 23 000/4000 Euro

    Technik replacement is easy to get on the E24. The second series from July 1982 shall be based on the widely used E28 fives, and there are equal parts with the first sevens. The early models with E12 technology prepare few problems except for equipment and trim.

    BMW 6 Club (E24) e. V., Wolfgang Krammel, to Weiden 11, 40764 Langenfeld, Tel. 021 73/752 50,
    Walloth & Nesch Spare parts for classic BMW, Im Ohl 69, 59757 Arnsberg, Tel. 029 32/90 04 50,
    BMW Group Classic, Petuelring 130, 80788 Munich, Tel. 089/38 22 70 21,

    Fenders and floor panels
    2 hidden accident damage
    3 sills and door bottoms
    4 strut towers front
    5 Headlight (refl)
    6 tie rod ends
    7 rear wheel, wheel arches
    8 Rear axle
    9 cylinder head
    10 Motronic control unit

    Spare location
    Maintenance costs
    Availability demand
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  •   Richard Truesdell reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    / #1974 #Mercedes-Benz 450SLC CHASING CLASSIC CARS ASKING PRICE £12,900 / #Mercedes-Benz-450SLC / #Mercedes-Benz-450SLC-C107 / #Mercedes-Benz-C107 / #Mercedes-Benz / #Mercedes-C107 /

    Often in the shadow of its soft-top R107 sister, the rarer SLC C107 is a very capable and an airy GT in its own right.


    SLCs (Sporting Lightweight Coupés) have an air of relentless unburstability and this 450 is no exception. On start-up, the engine immediately settles into a steady even thrum, with no ticks or whines or blue smoke puffing from the rear. The transmission answers the throttle and the car pulls away strongly from standstill and on the move with plenty of low-down torque. There may be a very slight moan in the transmission, but the three-speed changes smoothly in all gears. The suspension is supple, with even the effect of major potholes being shielded from the occupants. For such a heavy car, roll is well controlled and there are very few groans or complaints from moving interior trim.


    This mid-1970s Mercedes makes a good first impression. Its body panels are straight and the panel gaps narrow and even. The plastic and chrome lower body trim and bumpers have retained their shape and are not discoloured. Mirrors, lights and window trim all look very smart. The rear (body-coloured) rubber boot shows some hairline cracks in its finish, but these are only visible very close to. There one or two pin-prick bubbles in the finish just above the lower driver’s door trim and a couple of chips in the bonnet, but these are very minor.


    The leather and trim show the gentle patina of their age, but everything is generally in good order. The seats have retained their blue colour well and the stitching tight, except for a slight fraying on the driver’s outer bolster. There is a small tear in the rear seat. Carpets are in good condition, as are the rubber mats. All switches are present and correct, and the Instruments work fine. The radio cassette is original. The sunroof works smoothly, as do the powered windows. The left rear quarter-light does not descend fully.


    The engine bay is that of a tidy, working tourer. Fluids are clean and at their correct levels, and there are no leaks in the hoses. There is no surface rust in bolt threads or on bare metal components. The history is a little patchy – an upper-engine job costing £8000 carries no date, but the car has obviously been well tendered-to. The V8 runs smoothly, with no smoke or leaks and the temperature and pressure gauges throw up no warning signs.

    The car feels looks and goes right and instils a lot of confidence in the driver. It’s a brilliant tourer as well as an everyday classic.


    EXTERIOR Overall good paintwork. Excellent condition wheels.
    INTERIOR Leather and carpets fine. All switches work correctly.
    MECHANICALS Engine runs and pulls well. Smooth transmission.
    PROS Good condition mechanically.
    CONS Not perfect cosmetically.
    ENGINE 4250cc/V8/OHC
    POWER [email protected]
    TORQUE 259lb [email protected]
    MAXIMUM SPEED 138mph
    0-60MPH 9.3sec
    TRANSMISSION RWD, three-spd auto
    MoT 12 months
    John Holland Cars, Sheffield S1 9BW / 0114 256 5040 /
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