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  •   Aron Norris reacted to this post about 1 year ago
    DAVID GERHARDT E82 118d M Sport / #BMW-118d-E82 / #BMW-118d / #BMW / #BMW-118d-M-Sport-E82

    Prior to owning this BMW-118d-M-Sport-E82 , David (@be_daring_mods) owned a Z3 and got teased about how he’d modified it so he set out with a small budget and purchased his 1 Series… and got teased again. So he decided to save his reputation by modding the little BM and we reckon he’s done an awesome job – if you like your BMs eyecatching, you’re going to love what David has built.

    On the outside it’s wearing a 1M front bumper with a Grams Styling splitter, custom canards, gold and ghost decals along with tinted headlights, repeaters and fogs. Up front he’s fitted a set of Bola B1s while at the rear you’ll find a set of Bola CSRs to mix things up and the finishing touch is a custom quad performance exhaust.
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  •   David Gerhardt reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    DARREN’S E82 DRIFTER / 118d / #BMW-E82 / #BMW-118d / #BMW-118d-E82 / #BMW / #BMW-118d-Tuned / #BMW-1-Series / #BMW-1-Series-E82 / #BMW-118d-Tuned-E82 / #BMW-1-Series-Coupe / #BMW-1-Series-Coupe-E82 / #BMW-118d-Rebuild / #BMW-118d-Drift-Car

    Recently we have been working on the turbo front pipe and wastegates. It’s not been an easy task and I’m unsure if anyone else has been able to make a 3.5” front pipe fit in N54 E82? Never mind a RHD one! There is zero room on this side of the engine bay and I now understand why people who make manifolds choose a smaller diameter pipe, but why would we make this easy for ourselves?!

    We were short on room and there was no way we could fit the front pipe in the engine bay without doing something, so we had to notch the chassis leg to make a little bit more room. Some people may frown upon this but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest; it’s still structurally sound and we used a section of 4” pipe for the notch and it worked out perfectly to fit the front pipe in.

    Once we got it past the chassis leg we still had to get it around the manifold and engine mount; it took a bit of time to suss out which way was best, also bearing in mind the flow aspect. Most of the bends are made up of small sections of straight pipe and pieced together as part of a lobster tail and doing it this way we could get the bends perfect. The second 40mm wastegate is now in place as well, which just leaves the screamer pipes to complete, which I’ll be doing very soon.

    We have now managed to get the exhaust all tack welded together and once we get time it will be Tig welded and covered in heat-proof wrap; to be honest the exhaust manifold has seemed to take forever and I’ll be glad to see the back of it but it was a must to get it complete so we can move forward with the build.

    Once the manifold and front pipe are complete, we are going to concentrate on completing the front panel. We have decided it’s best to do a hybrid between the stock front panel and a steeltubed front end, this way we can house all the coolers and charge cooling equipment but keep the stock mounting points for the front bumper and headlight brackets etc.

    We have taken a huge decision to remove all the direct port injection and stock management from the N54 and some may ask why? I just feel like we have the skills to make an inlet manifold and use ‘conventional’ injection that allows us to remove the high pressure pump (which everyone seems to have issues with) and all the DPI and stock management. This will allow us to use a stand-alone management system and no restrictions when it comes to tuning the engine. It’s possible it could be a bad move but I can’t find anyone that has done this yet, so it’s a bit of a stab in the dark. So, next on the list, weld the manifold, build a front panel and make a custom inlet manifold. Thanks to Pete for his time and effort helping me with build.

    Turbo front pipe required a notch in the chassis leg.

    Wastegates now in position.
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  •   Elizabeth reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    DARREN’S E82 #118d / #BMW-E82 / #BMW-118d / #BMW-118d-E82 / #BMW / #BMW-118d-Tuned / #BMW-1-Series / #BMW-1-Series-E82 / #BMW-118d-Tuned-E82 / #BMW-1-Series-Coupe / #BMW-1-Series-Coupe-E82 / #BMW-118d-Rebuild / #BMW-118d-Drift-Car

    Over the last few months it’s been a bit of struggle to find some time for the car, really. The lead-up to Christmas was absolutely full-on at work and then when Christmas rolled round I felt like I just needed a little time to do nothing apart from drink and eat food! But, hey ho, the holiday period is over now and its back to it!

    My plans have slightly changed with the car. With a few rules changing in the British Drift Championship, and with no sight of sponsors or financial backing to race this season, it’s only going to be used for a few practice drift days here or there. Unless something changes dramatically over the next few weeks I think I’ll be focusing on making the car more of a fast road/track build rather than a full drift car as I first set out to do. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still smash it round a track, no bother, but I just want to be able to use it on the road as well. So, with this in mind, I’ve changed a few things. One major thing is up front; with no steering lock kit I’ll just be running standard M3 hubs and standard steering lock. As you may know, in drifting we normally run different steering setups to get maximum angle in and out of corners, but most are not road-friendly. Obviously I could have built this car with all fibreglass panels then I wouldn’t have cared too much about it, but that was never the car I wanted to build from the start.

    Anyway, I digress. I’m so close to sending the car away for paint, it’s just this section in the build process that seems to take forever! I’m trying to get all the little bits complete so once it comes back from paint I won’t have to grind this, change that, drill this etc. The main things are the manifold (I’m just waiting on a small section of pipe to fit the second wastegate and that’s the manifold complete at long last. Why did it take so long? The answer is lack of time and doing everything in-house between friends rather than sending it away or buying a complete car. It takes a lot longer but not only is it more satisfying. Also, if I got someone else to build the car the way I wanted it built, the bill would be through the roof! The problem is all my friends spend a lot of time working on their own builds. For example, Pete has just started taking his turbo 500hp+ E30 Convertible to bits for its annual winter spruce up. Matty has been building his Toyota 1.5J-powered Nissan 350Z. While Yates has just finished his barge off, an Audi A6 with a 500hp single turbo 2.7 V6, so there’s plenty going on in the garage!

    The engine has been in and out the car over 100 times now (if you’re following my Instagram account, @Darrenr33, you will know this already!) to make sure the turbo position is correct and that I can get the wastegates in, too! We have also made a start on the front pipe from the turbo-back; the Precision turbo only has a 3” outlet so we have stepped this up to 3.5” and that’s going to run all the way to my back boxes. We need to somehow shoehorn it in between the engine and chassis leg as it’s starting to get tight! I have no doubt Pete will sort the job out…

    Another job I still need to tackle is to swap the diesel front panel for a petrol one as the alloy radiator does not fit (it was making the radiator sit too close to the engine). And the petrol front panel solves this problem although we still need to squeeze a lot of coolers in there somewhere, too! I’ll just put that on the ‘to do’ list. And remember, don’t be shy, go take a look at my build.
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  •   Bob BMW reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    DARREN’S #BMW-E82 / #BMW-118d / #BMW-118d-E82 / #BMW /

    I haven’t been able to do a lot on the car over the last few months due to changing job roles and buying a house, it’s been a bit full on!

    At the moment I’ve been gathering parts more than building the car. I’ve now ordered my turbo and wastegates and I’ve decided to go with a proven turbo for the #N54 , a Precision 6266 which is on its way, and this should get me up in the high 600hp bracket. I’ve also ordered two 40mm Turbosmart wastegates. I need these to arrive before I can finish my manifold off with the flange and wastegate locations.

    Also my huge chargecooler has been delivered; it seems to be the way to go now – we have tested it out on a few cars and it’s working so it made sense to stick with it and keep the intake temps down.

    My radiator is here too, as well as my power steering cooler and oil cooler. The issue we are having is there isn’t a huge amount of room in front of the engine so we either need to somehow squeeze it all on the standard front panel or just ditch it and completely tube the front end and be able to put things wherever we want. We will spend a little bit of time working out the best way to do this and keep it as tidy as possible.

    The new front bumper has also arrived from BMW! It cost an arm and a leg but I never wanted to use aftermarket/fibreglass panels on this project; others have and they look good but I said from the start I wanted to keep as many genuine BMW parts as possible. I now have most of the panels apart from the bonnet, roof and bootlid but I already know what I want to buy.

    Somehow I’ve found a used pair of Revosport carbon side skirts which I’m going to use; these will look awesome once I get the carbon front lip and diffuser and while they are a little different to stock 1M skirts I’m sure they will suit the car once it’s finished.

    Most of the manifold is TIG-welded now but we are just waiting on the parts to finish it. We will concentrate on the front panel and I’m going to push for the next big step and get the shell painted. Then the fun will begin to put the massive jigsaw puzzle together and start thinking about the finishing touches like wheels! I know I want to run 19s and what style and colours I want I just need to find the perfect rims to suit…

    Fingers crossed next month I’ll have the shell ready for paint and the manifold and front panel finished with all the rads and coolers mounted and the pipework in place. Though that is possibly wishful thinking…
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  •   Craft Zetner reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    DARREN’S #BMW-E82 / #BMW-118d / #BMW-118d-E82 / #BMW / #BMW-1-Series / #BMW-1-Series-E82

    Finally! My underfloor is now sealed and painted and it looks amazing. These pictures kind of reveal my colour choice, but never mind. I always try and keep my builds all-BMW so with this in mind I decided to go for Individual Atlantis blue for the car. The floor was done over two weekends; the first was spent just prepping the underfloor and making sure things were sanded down and sealed where needed. Once that was done and everything was clean it was time for the next step. I decided to go with a U-POL Raptor rather than standard underbody paint. This is normally used as a truck bed liner which is super tough as it’s really hard wearing and gives a great texture. I used a tintable version so I could add my Atlantis base colour to it; we added half a litre of Atlantis two-pack base to four-litres of the U-POL Raptor and painted it on using a Schultz gun.

    I could have left it at that but with a bit more work it could look even better and after another litre of base coat and one-litre of clear lacquer the finished product looks awesome. No doubt you will never see the underside of the car but I've got the mentality of doing it right first time.

    For us to start on the exhaust manifold we needed to get the car off the spit so that meant starting to bolt up the subframe. The rear E92 M3 custom subframe was already made up so it was just a case of bolting it up and for now we just used an old front until mine is finished. This is where all the hard work starts to pay off and getting all the smaller things poweredcoated makes a huge difference to the finish of the car.

    With the car now rolling we could get the N54 engine sat back on mounts to start thinking about the exhaust manifold. There aren’t many options for RHD 1M/135/335 single turbo manifolds in the UK at the moment so it was either buy a LHD manifold from the States and modify it or just build one. We opted to build one as this way we can have it to the specs we want, which was to have equal length, T4 twinscroll flanges and space for two 38mm wastegates. I already had the flanges made up so it was just a matter of making a start by piecing the bends together, making sure we left enough room for the 3.5” front pipe and building all this around the steering linkage. Thanks to Pete for his patience with this!

    Hopefully by next month we will have the manifold and most of the exhaust built, then it will be time to get the front end together with the front panel, radiator, charge cooler, power steering cooler and oil cooler.

    Away from the build, I’m taking a bit of time off to compete in rounds two and three of the British Drift Championship in Scotland and Teesside in June and July, which will take me away from the build for a bit. Huge thanks to Scott for the lending me his E30 V8 for racing and the lads who are helping prep things.

    The team and all the lads who help me out
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  •   Elizabeth reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    DARREN’S #BMW-E82 / #BMW-118d / #BMW-118d-E82 / #BMW

    Over the last few weeks I haven’t got much done on the car due to working away although I have had chance to do a few little jobs.

    First off was fitting the rear air jacks. As I have the intention of building the car primarily for competition drifting this is a big deal. On a day of drifting I’ll change the rear tyres more than ten times and it gets very boring getting on your knees in a race suit (especially if it’s raining) and jacking the rear end up every time, so I’m hoping fitting the air jacks will eliminate this! Also, sometimes between drift battles you only get five minutes to repair/change tyres so this should speed things up.

    The jacks have only been only mounted at the moment as I’m not 100% certain which way I want to plumb them in just yet; it’s not a nice feeling, cutting holes in the floor of your 2010 BMW shell but it needed to be done. Some people fit them inside the rear quarter panels but there just wasn’t the room, so I have tied them to the rear floor box of the cage for strength. They have a good lift of about 300mm so it should be enough to get the rear off the ground. I also strengthened under the floor with a goodsized plate.

    I’ve been concentrating on getting the inside of the car done for sometime now so that I can get the underfloor painted. I’m glad I waited it out and didn’t paint anything as every time I think I’m somewhere near to being able to get painting, I think of another thing that needs welding or bolting down.

    My seats arrived from Poland last week, the same ones that I had in my E30, and for the price they are a great option for a FIA seat and look cool, too. I started to test fit them and this time I wanted them on sliders so I could change my seating position (I had a fixed, low seat in the E30) and so that other people could drive the car as well, really. Yet again, like most things on my build, these had to be modified to fit the BMW’s stock bolt positions; we needed to make the runners long and we also wanted to strengthen them up while we were at it.

    The dash has been fitted but it will be coming back out to get flocked as soon as everything is in place. My short-shifter base is now welded in and it looks awesome in anodised black, for the stealth look, with the stock centre console which will also be flocked. My hydro handbrake base is tacked in place and I’m waiting on my anodised black handle to arrive. This is in the place where the stock ashtray was so now I am going to have to make a custom panel to fit in its place, which will also hold my electrical cut-off switch along with my fire extinguisher pull cords.

    The firewall has now been made and is being fitted this week. A local company has helped me out with this one due to the limited time I have to work on the car and once this is fitted I can start to get the wiring loom back in place, my swirl pot mounted and all the fuel system mounted in the boot, plus the battery box.

    I’m basically building the car twice, so I’m at the stage now were I’m starting to build it back up unpainted. I may even get the car running without body panels, then take it all back apart for paint. Doing it this way ensures that when it’s built back up the second time there isn’t anything Hydraulic handbrake now in place with black anodised handle on the way else that needs grinding, repainting etc and the paintwork will stay perfect.

    I’m going to keep chipping away on the huge list of things that are left to do. Everyone keeps telling me it will come together quickly once these smaller jobs are done and dusted, so fingers crossed this is the case. Hopefully I’ll have loads more updates this time next month as I have boxes of parts ready to be fitted.

    FIA-approved Bimarco seats look smart and didn’t break the bank.

    Once properly mounted in position, air jacks will make changing rear tyres at drift events a breeze.

    Hydraulic handbrake now in place with black anodised handle on the way.
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  •   Lachie Jones reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    DARREN’S #BMW-E82 / #BMW-118d / #BMW-118d-E82 / #BMW

    After four years of building, owning and competing in my V8 E30 drift car I felt like I needed a new chassis to keep up with the ongoing battle with newer cars and more power in competition drifting. The E30 was the first BMW I owned. Before that I had Nissan Skylines but my mate Pete just brainwashed me to have a go in a BMW and now, four years after starting the E30, I own an E46 320d Touring as a daily and am now building another BMW, so I guess his plan worked… After talking to the lads and my team, Team Sunset, we chucked a few ideas back and forth but I already knew that I wanted to build an E82 1 Series Coupé. I knew I wanted a classy looking drift car but this time I also wanted it to be roadlegal. We toyed with the idea of overfenders, Rocket Bunny kits and I even thought about modifying a LibertyWalk kit from an E92 but then I came to the conclusion that I wanted to keep it a genuine BMW.

    I bought the car, a 118d, at auction. It had been vandalised, which was the perfect shell for me as I intended to change every body panel anyway for OEM 1M parts and a carbon roof skin. The plan was just to get it stripped and work out what was needed. We intend to use all E92 M3 running gear, rear subframe, diff, shafts, hubs and the huge brakes that they run, which I’ve already bought. With the front we are going to change the electric power steering to an E92 M3 hydraulic rack with either a Wisefab drift setup or stock E92 M3 front hubs and even bigger brakes. I’ve also bought some BC coilovers and I’ll be looking to polybush the whole car as well. This is the last time I’m building a car so I want this one to be right! it may take four to six months to build but I’m hoping it will be worth the stress and being permanently skint! The E30 M60 was so reliable and I loved that. I hate working on a car most of the day at the track like some other people do, so I’m hoping the lads and I can build another reliable drift car (if there is such a thing).
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