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  • 2018 Mini Cooper S

    2018 Mini Cooper S

    THIS IS meant to be a review of the 2018 Cooper S, but a booking mix-up landed us with a base Cooper automatic by mistake. No bad thing, as it turns out. The standard Cooper arguably gets closest to capturing the character of the original.

  • Basket-case Mini Cooper S sells for £20k

    Basket-case Mini Cooper S sells for £20k

    Proving that what might be one person’s trash is another one’s treasure, a basket-case 1965 Mini Cooper S has sold for £20,000 including fees (£18,000 hammer price) at Mathewsons’ classic car auction in North Yorkshire on October 27 Requiring more than just a little TLC, the Mini came from a deceased estate, meaning the winning bid was provisional before later being accepted by the family involved. Wearing the registration number DPY 160C, the 1965 car came with a bill of sale dated 1966, four service/ repair invoices, two insurances certificates, the original driver’s handbook and a 1978 tax disc, which is assumed to be the most recent.

  • Cars in the movies

    Cars in the movies Co-Star Cars

    Cars in the movies Co-Star Cars ‘The car was the most significant discipline within industrial design,’ writes Stephen Bayley. ‘But, curiously, while from Ike Turner to Marc Bolan the car and pop fed frenziedly off each other, despite its enormous symbolic force the car has rarely starred in masterpiece cinema. It is surprisingly rare for a car to be a meaningful element of character development in first-rate films. But there are exceptions…’

  • John Rhodes - my life in cars

    John Rhodes - my life in cars

    My life in cars. I have always adored the internal combustion engine and everything that goes with it.  John behind the wheel of a Porsche 911SC. He wishes that another 911 had played more of a part in his life. Known affectionately as ‘Smokin’ John Rhodes for burning out set after set of Mini tyres, the 86-year-old race legend recalls the many exciting cars in his life. Words: MIKE TAYLOR Photography: RORY GAME/ARCHIVE.

  • John Sprinzel on speedwell

    John Sprinzel

    John Sprinzel co-founded Speedwell in 1957 to race-prepare BMC A-series-engined cars. He recalls tuning by pipe smoke, working with Graham Hill and giving BMC big ideas.

  • Mini stolen in broad daylight

    Supercharged 1994 Mini 35 registered M514 VWC

    Classic car thefts are, unfortunately, still very commonplace. That said, it takes a particularly brazen criminal to steal a car from a Greater London driveway in broad daylight. But that’s exactly what happened to Noah Robinson’s beautiful supercharged 1994 Mini 35, registered M514 VWC, on Wednesday July 25.

  • More Mini 60 at Silverstone

    More Mini 60 at Silverstone

    The Mini’s 60th anniversary celebrations at the Silverstone Classic event this summer are set to be even more extensive than first planned and new ticket options are now available. Kicking off on Friday, the three-day event over July 26-28 will now feature a special Mini pageant on that first day, comprising an exclusive anniversary track parade on the full Grand Prix circuit, plus a celebratory display. This adds up to a packed schedule over the weekend, which already includes the biggest-ever grid of racing Minis and two recently announced Mini-only racing events.

  • The Beatles star’s Paul McCartney coachbuilt 1965 Mini Cooper S sells for £183,500 at Illinois auction

    Paul McCartney coachbuilt 1965 Mini Cooper S sells for £183,500 at Illinois auction

    McCartney’s Mini sells for record price. The Beatles star’s coachbuilt Cooper S sells for £183,500 at Illinois auction.