• 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-class

    Российский офис Mercedes-Benz определил стоимость пикапа x-class

  • 125 years of Mercedes motorsport

    125 years of Mercedes motorsport

    Life, death, beauty, heroism, Hitler and the 190mph Mercedes. This year, Mercedes celebrates 125 years of racing. Its greatest car? Dick Seaman’s impossibly pretty, technically innovative, fatally fast and Nazi-backed W154. Words Gavin Green. Photography John Wycherley.

  • 2018 Mercedes-Maybach ultimate luxury

    2018 Mercedes-Maybach ultimate luxury

    Rosgoud in het interieur, een theeservies in het achtercompartiment en dan ook nog een carrosserie die de designkenmerken van een SUV en een sedan in zich verenigt: de Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury verlegt in tal van opzichten de grenzen.

  • 2019 Mercedes EQ Un marchio nuovo, una rivoluzione

    2019 Mercedes EQ

    La rivoluzione a Stoccarda si chiama EQ. Letteralmente è “Electric Quotient”. È il nuovo sub-brand dedicato alle elettriche di Mercedes. Modelli pensati esclusivamente per la trazione elettrica e non versioni a batteria di auto già esistenti. Una gamma vera e completa, almeno a sentire quanto ha dichiarato Thomas Weber, a capo della ricerca e sviluppo della Casa tedesca: “Lanceremo dieci veicoli elettrici entro il 2025”.

  • 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Saloon V177 and LWB version Z177

    2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Saloon V177 and LWB version Z177

    2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Saloon V177/Z177 (SWB/LWB) set to attack Audi’s A3. First details of the European Mercedes-Benz A-Class saloon have been released, previewing the new Audi A3 rival that’s set to arrive early next year, after a debut at the Paris Motor Show. A stretched China-only version had already been unwrapped at the Beijing Motor Show.

  • 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Saloon V177 and LWB version Z177

    2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Saloon V177 and LWB version Z177

    Having teased us with the reveal of its China market-only A-Class L Sedan, Mercedes-Benz has trimmed the wheelbase and included the rest of the world.

  • 2019 Mercedes-Benz B-Class W247

    All new 2019 Mercedes-Benz B-Class

    The next-generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class has been unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, debuting the five-seat MPV that’s closely related to the A-Class and goes head-to-head with the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. For 2019 it will boast far sportier looks and a radical new fully-digital cockpit incorporating the MBUX infotainment system from the A-Class, while also serving up a sharper drive and technology from the mighty S-Class. It’s on sale from the start of December, with the first deliveries expected in February 2019.

  • 2019 Mercedes-Benz X-Class Baureihe 470 pick-up gets Maybach panache

    2019 Mercedes-Benz X-Class Baureihe 470 pick-up gets Maybach panache

    X-Class pick-up gets Maybach panache. They say there’s no accounting for taste, and the latest iteration of the Mercedes X-Class pick-up may just be proof of that.

  • 2020 Mercedes-Benz B-Class W247 range now available to order


    The Mercedes-Benz B-Class is now available to order, with prices starting from £26,975 for the B180 Sport. The B200 Sport is available from £28,525, the B200d Sport will set you back £29,625 and the B220d AMG Line costs £32,375.

  • 2020 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé C238 and Cabriolet A238 offerings grow with new E350 model

    2020 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé C238 and Cabriolet A238 offerings grow with new E350 model

    Mercedes has added the E350 engine to the E-Class Coupé and Cabriolet, with prices starting from £44,750 for the hard-top and £49,246 for those wishing to drive al fresco. The E350 features a two-litre petrol powerplant with EQ Boost, offering 299bhp and 400Nm of torque.

  • 2021 Mercedes-AMG C63 C206

    2021 Mercedes-AMG C63 C206

    I’d be exaggerating if I said I had to pull myself off the floor after first learning about Mercedes-AMG’s plan, but it certainly came as a shock. We’ve always known the race to meet the 2021 95g/km fleet average CO2 regulations would bring about widespread downsizing, but so far, much of the performance market has been unaffected by this.

  • All new driver-focused 2020 Mercedes-Benz SL

    All new driver-focused 2020 Mercedes-Benz SL

    Mercedes plots new driver-focused SL. Eighth generation of the legendary convertible will return to its sporting roots, sharing a new platform with the next AMG GT.

  • AMG - 2020 Mercedes-Benz-CLA45 C118 and A45 W177

    AMG - 2020 Mercedes-Benz-CLA45 C118 and A45 W177

    A45, CLA45 Exposed! 310kW/500Nm Mercedes-AMG redefines the hot hatch

  • AMG set to revive 73 range

    AMG set to revive 73 range

    Sold from 1997 until 2001, the largest AMG-engined Benz you could acquire remained the 7.3- litre V12, with ‘73’ badging to identify each special vehicle. Available in both convertible and coupe forms, the original drivetrain that produced 525bhp was eventually picked up by Pagani to power the original Zonda hypercar. As of then, that was where the story ended.

  • BMW and Mercedes-Benz, partners?

    BMW and Mercedes-Benz, partners?

    In news from America, we gather that the BMW Group and Daimler AG are planning the next steps for their joint mobility company, following approval by the responsible competition authorities.

  • Brabus History

    Brabus History

    Brabus has been churning out monstrous Mercs for more than four decades. Buckle up for a ride through the tuner’s greatest hits! Words Richard Gooding. Photography Various.

  • BRABUS reveals its first ever pick-up 2019 Mercedes-Benz X250d Br. 470

    BRABUS reveals its first ever pick-up 2019 Mercedes-Benz X250d Br. 470

    BRABUS reveals its first ever pick-up. Iconic Mercedes tuning firm, BRABUS, has made its first step into the performance pick-up truck market with a modified version of the new X-Class.

  • Diesel heeft toekomst


    Als het op brandstofsoorten aankomt, wedt Mercedes-Benz tegenwoordig op alle paarden tegelijk. AutoWeek sprak met Jochen Hermann, de man die zijn centen steevast inzet op geлlektrificeerde aandrijflijnen, variлrend van 48-voltsystemen en dieselhybrides tot volelektrische EQ-varianten.

  • Dream garage to be auctioned

    Dream garage to be auctioned

    A dream garage chock full of iconic modern classics ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s is due to come to auction soon. The incredible 140-strong collection belongs to a single private owner, and will be offered across four different sales in 2019 – two in Florida and two in Europe.

  • First production car equipped with a brake-intervention traction-control system

    Mercedes-Benz V126/W126 S-Class W126

    First production car equipped with a brake-intervention traction-control system 1987 Mercedes-Benz V126/W126 S-Class W126

  • Has Mercedes Created the Perfect F1 Car, or is it Down to Hamilton?

    Earlier in the Formula One season, Lewis Hamilton indisputably established himself as one of the greatest drivers in the history of the sport by equalling Michael Schumacher’s win record. Claiming first place in the 2020 Eifel Grand Prix – in Germany, no less – the English driver arrived on 91 wins in what’s turning out to be another dominant season for his car’s manufacturers, Mercedes.

    With Hamilton behind the wheel, Mercedes have dominated the sport for the last six years, with their own engine powering their incredible chassis. However, has all of this success come more as a result of Hamilton’s driving or the expertise put into the F1 car each year?

    Experts often side with a Mercedes triumph


    At the start of the season, Red Bull and Max Verstappen were often thrown into the conversation as dark-horse contenders to usurp Mercedes and Hamilton. Even former Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo, now with Renault, was thrown in as an outside shot. However, as the season progressed, it became ever more apparent that the reigning champions were the favorites for yet another Constructors’-Drivers’ world championship double.

    Now, for any of the remaining F1 meets, you’ll always find Hamilton ahead in the sports betting at Royal Panda, often with Valtteri Bottas given the odds of the second-favorite. This is, perhaps, the most telling factor, as not only is Hamilton a clear favorite, but his teammate invariably ranks second. So, even if Hamilton weren’t at the top of the odds, a Mercedes driver would be favored to win the race.

    It’s tough to argue with the ratings, especially when you consider the win rate of the German constructors this year. Through the first 11 races of the 2020 F1 campaign, taking place in Austria, Hungary, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Russia, and Germany, Mercedes drivers claimed nine victories.

    Only the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone and the Italian Grand Prix didn’t finish with a Mercedes driver atop the race day standings. Furthermore, only four of those races ended without both Hamilton and Bottas on the podium at all.

    Of course, driving talent makes up a considerable part of a team’s success, particularly in the more challenging cars. However, as Hamilton and Bottas are consistently favored above all others in the F1 odds, it stands to reason that the Mercedes car is rated well above the rest.

    A top-class car that allows for mistakes


    Ever since the 1.6-liter V6 turbo hybrid era commenced in 2014, Mercedes has been unstoppable. The level of success of the team since 2014 has even exceeded that of the 2000 to 2004 Ferrari team, holding a win rate in excess of 75 percent according to The Race, compared to the legendary Italian team’s 67 percent.

    Despite their ongoing dominance, Mercedes has rarely entered the season rated as the best car in all regards. For example, over the last couple of seasons, Ferrari has been labeled the fastest car, at least down the straights. Even this season, they’re meant to be quicker around the corners, but it’s Mercedes’ build that continues to reign supreme.

    A lot of this has been put down to the combination of the car’s unrivaled aerodynamics which, even though the others may be faster, allows drivers to make slight mistakes without it costing the run. Their W11 design is the best of the best right now, and while Mercedes has hired a couple of very experienced and talented drivers, the car does allow them to have off days and still stay on top of the competition.

    Some would argue that Max Verstappen’s ability to handle the knife-edge precision required to get the most out of the Red Bull makes him the best driver in F1. However, the combination of Mercedes’ design and Hamilton’s class continues to bring in wins and championships.

  • Merc targets a return to its golden age

    Merc targets a return to its golden age

    Under new management, the Three-Pointed Star plans to return to its solidly-built, classically-designed, technologically-superior glory days – and cut costs in the process. By Georg Kacher.

  • Mercedes and Geely tie-up: what can we expect?


    Mercedes-Benz and Chinese car maker Geely have carried out preliminary talks on how the two might co-operate on a series of projects, including future four-cylinder petrol engine and dual-clutch gearbox development, according to senior officials from the German firm. Geely – which has a 9.7% stake in Mercedes parent Daimler and owns brands such as Volvo and Lotus – cemented operational ties with Mercedes’ passenger car division in early 2019, when it agreed to purchase a 50% stake in Smart.

  • Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe - 2015

    Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe

    New GLE Coupe. Mercedes targets the US and China with its fast backed SUV, also set to go on sale in the UK this year. Combining the high driving position and off-road capabilities of an SUV with the sweeping tail of a coupe and the nimble handling of a sporting machine, the new GLE coupe is not exactly conventional.

  • New 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA H247 stands tall

    2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 4MATIC Progressive Line "Edition 1" H247

    Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its second-generation GLA H247 to the world; slotting between the A-Class hatchback and GLB SUV. It adopts Mercedes-Benz’ latest styling language and is set to go on sale next spring, replacing a car that’s sold to more than a million customers. Prices haven’t been officially confirmed yet, but it’s expected to start from around £32,000.

  • New Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive - 2015

    New Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive - 2015

    The B-Class Electric Drive is now available to order in the UK and USA/Canada/Australia. Prices in GB start from £31,950, which with a grant from the government drops to £26,950. Producing zero emissions and with a range of up to 142 miles on a single charge, this 178bhp/251lb ft torque B-Class hits 62mph in 7.9 seconds and its boot is capable of holding 1,456 litres with the rear seats folded down.

  • New Mercedes-Benz C-Class wagon S205

    New Mercedes-Benz C-Class wagon S205

    A poke around the new C-Class wagon confirms Mercedes is at the top of its game. Luggage at the ready - the new C-Class estate is coming! We attended the global launch and came away very impressed indeed. Estate cars used to be utility vehicles with an outward appearance that was subservient to their primary function as load carriers. That all changed with the rise of the lifestyle era in the 1990s, and today’s estate car buyers value aesthetics as much as practical strengths. The new, S205 C-Class estate - arriving in the UK this September - scores very well in both respects, with improved practicality within a sleek body that achieves a best-in-class drag coefficient figure of just 0.27Cd.

  • Next 2021 Mercedes-AMG C63 to ditch V8 for hybrid four-pot

    2021 Mercedes-AMG C63 C206

    But the new Mercedes-AMG C63 is expected to retain 500bhp-plus and four-wheel drive when it goes on sale in 2021

  • Oddities dominate in Germany

    Retro Classics in Stuttgart

    Market place Alastair Clements deals on wheels oddities dominate in Germany. Retro Classics in Stuttgart is fast establishing itself as a great place to find good-quality classics for sale and, with a major European auction house rumoured to be returning to the show next year, that reputation is only likely to grow.

  • Power point - AMG’s new M139 four-cylinder engine

    AMG’s new M139 four-cylinder engine

    You’d think 415bhp would require a big-capacity engine. So how will the A45 S achieve it with just 2 litres?

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