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  • First production car with front-wheel drive 1931 DKW F1

    First production car with front-wheel drive 1931 DKW F1

    At the 1931 International Automobile Exhibition in Berlin, DKW revealed the world’s first production car with front-wheel drive: the F1. By the late ‘20s, DKW was a well-established motorcycle manufacturer and, in 1928, its Danish founder, Jørgen Skafte Rasmussen, acquired a majority share in Audi Automobilwerke. He planned to stimulate sales by installing eight-cylinder engines in the large Audi models, but US brands dominated that market and, when the world was plunged in an economic crisis in 1929, Audi faced severe hardship. A new product with greater mass appeal was required. Words by Damian Adams.

  • J.S. Rasmussen - genius who founded DKW

    Jorgen Sakfte Rasmussen

    The Danish engineering genius who founded DKW J.S. Rasmussen - Classic Life visionaries. Today, we call it Audi. But the luxury German automaker was originally the sum of many parts. The consortium that became famous as Auto Union between the wars was based in large part on an innovative company called DKW, which was founded by a gifted Danish engineer. His name was Jørgen Skafte Rasmussen, and he is a seminal figure in the early German motor industry, both on two wheels and four.