• Plug-in 2019 BMW 330e G20 faster and cleaner

    2019 BMW 330e PHEV G20

    Official details of the new 2019 BMW 330e G20 plug-in hybrid have emerged. The electrified saloon is claimed to be 30% faster and 10% more efficient than its predecessor and have 50% more electric range. The 330e will go on sale in July next year (USA 2019).

  • 2019 BMW 330e G20 even better hybrid

    2019 BMW 330e G20 even better hybrid

    BMW says that its new 330e plug-in hybrid saloon represents something of a revolution, offering more efficiency, an increased electric-only range and the opportunity to take advantage of more power, with standard-fit performance-boosting technology. Due to be launched next summer, the on-paper credentials of the new model certainly look impressive. It will be 30% faster than its predecessor, deliver a 50% increase in electric-only range and boast a 10% reduction in CO₂ emissions.

  • 2019 BMW 330e PHEV G20

    2019 BMW 330e PHEV G20

    Following the big reveal of BMW’s latest-generation 3-Series G20, the company has shown a dashboard snapshot of some figures to expect. First and possibly most important is an implied 45-mile (72km) electric range, while CO2 emissions will be rated at 39g/km and fuel economy, while on NEDC-correlated figures that will be updated on 1st Jan 2019 are rated as 166mpg (1.7l/100km).

  • 2019 BMW M340i xDrive G20

    2019 BMW M340i G20

    BMW just recently revealed the first images of the new G20 3 Series and now it’s showing-off the first model that has got our attention, the new M340i xDrive. First of all, as its name suggests, it’s 4WD and, secondly, the 40i badge means it’s running the B58 single-turbo straight-six and here we’re seeing it in one of its spiciest forms, pushing out a meaty 374hp backed up by 369lb ft of torque.

  • 2019 BMW M340i xDrive G20 to act as precursor to M3

    2019 BMW M340i G20

    BMW has revealed the flagship of its new 3 Series range, the M340i xDrive, ahead of its Los Angeles motor show debut next week.

  • 2020 BMW 3 Series G20

    2020 BMW 3 Series G20

    Three teed Up… The next iteration of BMW’s core car will be lighter and sport a mighty four-pot engine.

  • 2022 BMW M340d xDrive G20

    2022 BMW M340d xDrive G20

    The barnstorming new 2022 BMW M340d xDrive was set to be unveiled at the Geneva motor show in March by BMW, but we all know that it didn’t happen. So with very little in the way of fanfare, the new M340d xDrive joins the petrol M340i xDrive in crowning the 3 Series line-up. Featuring 48-volt mild hybrid technology, the 3.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine develops 335bhp and 516lb ft of torque. The top speed is electronically limited at 155mph, however, acceleration to 62mph takes just 4.6 seconds for the saloon, and 0.2 of a second longer for the Touring. Priced at £49,505 for the saloon, CO2 emissions are 168g/km and fuel economy on the new WLTP combined cycle is 44.1mpg. The Touring estate costs £50,420, with CO2 emissions of 173g/km and 42.8mpg possible on the combined testing regime.

  • New 2019 BMW 3 Series G20 on show

    New 2019 BMW 3 Series G20 on show

    The new G20 3 Series saloon broke cover at the Paris Motor Show early in October, and is scheduled to go on sale in early March, 2019.

  • New 330e BMW 3 Series G20/G21 hybrids

    BMW 3 Series

    BMW has added a 330e Touring G21 to its range of hybrid models for the first time, you'll be able to choose from traditional or xDrive versions of both it and the 330e G20 saloon...

  • Next-generation 2019 BMW 3-Series G20 defeat rivals at every level

    2019 BMW 3-Series 340i G20

    Defeat rivals at every level. Next-generation 2019 G20 3 Series will arrive in the UK next March with a swisher-looking cabin, new technology and the promise of class-leading dynamics from the base model up…

  • Next-generation 2020 BMW M3 G20-based

    Next-generation 2020 BMW M3 G20-based

    Next M3 lighter, 465bhp New M3 is rear-wheel drive and has a 3.0 turbo straight six BMW’s 2020 M3 will weigh less, be more rigid and have more power than today’s.

  • Seventh generation of BMW 3 Series 2019 318d G20

    New 2019 BMW 3 Series G20 on show

    The seventh generation of BMW 3 Series saloon has been unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, and it’s set to go on sale here in March. When it does, the 320d SE will kick off the range initially, with a £33,610 starting price, with the newcomer boasting more space, improved engines and updated technology.

  • Новый BMW 3 серии G20 - цены в РФ

    Next-generation 2020 BMW M3 G20-based

    Продажи автомобиля нового поколения в России стартуют только 9 марта следующего года. Но стоимость новинки от немецкого производителя известна уже сейчас. Новый BMW 3 серии на нашем рынке оценили минимум в 2 580 000 рублей.

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