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Aston Martin Third Series (Mkll) 1934-1936

Aston Martin Third Series (Mkll) 1934-1936 - sport cars
Aston Martin Third Series 1935Aston Martin Third Series 1935

The Aston Martin Mkll was a development of the Second Series, intended to be a more useable yet faster version. A new balanced crankshaft assembly and a few other minor mods to the 1.5-litre engine saw peak power rise to 73bhp, though the top speed for the two-seater remained at 85mph. Short- and long-chassis versions were available with a number of different bodies, including tourer, two-door saloon and drophead coupe. A short chassis with lightweight body was adopted as the Works car and ultimately became the Ulster.

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Thursday, 04 December 2014
Good car)
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