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  • 2019 Jaguar XJ50 X351

    2019 Jaguar XJ50 X351

    XJ’S Fiftieth Anniversary Jaguar marks 50 years of its flagship XJ luxury saloon with the launch of a new, special-edition model: the Jaguar XJ50.

  • All new 2020 Jaguar XJ challenges the norm

    All new 2020 Jaguar XJ challenges the norm

    2020’s most radical new car - new Jaguar XJ ‘challenges the norm’. Jaguar pledges its pure-electric new flagship will be ‘transformative and different’.

  • Another Jaguar XJ hit at 50

    Jaguar XJ

    Jaguar is marking 50 years of its iconic XJ saloon with the launch of a new special edition model. Revealed at the recent Beijing Motor Show, the Jaguar XJ50 celebrates half a century of trademark performance, technology and luxury.

  • Audi TT and Jaguar XJ to die

    Jaguar XJ

    Two big-league nameplates are about to be retired. Struggling sales of the Audi TT means that it’s going to be replaced by an ‘emotive’ electric car. If it isn’t an SUV with a silly bodykit we’ll be surprised. The TT’s death is a couple of years away, but Jaguar’s XJ ultra-barge only has a matter of days left.

  • Jaguar XJ hit at 50

    Jaguar XJ

    The first XJ made its debut in 1968, and to celebrate half a century in production, Jaguar has announced a limited edition XJ50 to commemorate the momentous occasion. The XJ50 anniversary edition is available to order now and comes equipped with a 296bhp 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine in both standard- and long-wheelbase editions.

  • Jaguar XJ hit at 50

    Jaguar XJ

    XJ50 At The Classic Works Jaguar owners, especially those with an XJ, are invited to join a meeting at the Jaguar Classic Works, Ryton-upon-Dunsmore, on 1st September 2018. The event, organised by Jaguar Land Rover and the Jaguar Breakfast Club, will see over 150 XJs of all ages convene on Jaguar Land Rover’s remarkable Classic Works, with guided tours, speeches and bacon sandwiches available on the day. The main frontage will be reserved for XJs and you can book a space by emailing uk or by visiting the website.

  • JLR's survival bid: five new cars in two years

    JLR's survival bid: five new cars in two years

    New Defender, Mk5 Range Rover, Road Rover, J-Pace and electric XJ are planned

  • JLR’s EV push Factory converted to build all-new EVs

    2021 Jaguar XJ SUV - All-new J-Pace heads trio of hi-tech world beaters

    Castle Bromwich overhaul to spawn three JLR EVs. New XJ, J-Pace SUV and ‘Road Rover’ will be the fruits of £1 billion investment.